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    [The Song Of God - Introduction]   131-2
    The Song Of God - Introduction   131-2
    The Bhagavad Gita    
    The Spirit of the Bhagavad Gita   131-3
    A Simple Way to Saner Living   131-3
    Meet Yourself   131-3
    Talks on the Gita   131-3
    Springs of Action   131-3
    Freedom from Sorrow   131-3
    Chapters of the Bhagavad Gita    
    Natural Action - Ch 3   131-4
    Talks on the 6th Chapter   131-4
    Life Without Confusion - Ch 7   131-4
    Sannyas Yoga - Ch 9   131-4
    The Kingly Secret - Ch 9   131-4
    A Leaf From the Peepul Tree - Ch12   131-4
  * Total Love - Ch 12   131-4
    The Minefield - Ch13   131-4
    A Leaf From the Peepul Tree - Ch 15   131-4
    Daily Readings    
    [The Song Of God - Daily Readings]   131-5
    The Song Of God - Daily Readings   131-5
  * Yoga   421
  * The Philosophy, Psychology and Practice of Yoga   422
  * Raja Yoga   422
    Karma Yoga   422
    Bhakti Yoga   422
    Buddhi Yoga   422
    Sivananda Yoga   422
    Sivananda's Integral Yoga   422
    Handbook on Yoga   422
    This is Yoga   422
    Yasodhara Yoga Talks 1975    
    Hatha Yoga   422
    Karma Yoga   422
    Bhakti Yoga   422
    Raja Yoga   422
    Jnana Yoga   422
    Canada   441-2
    Cape Town Talks   441-2
    Guru Disciple   441-2
    Kingswood College   441-2
    Let's Face It   441-2
    Living at the Feet of the Guru (Season's Harvest 77)   441-2
    Season Harvest 77   441-2
    Season Harvest 78   441-2
    Talks to Young People   441-2
    The Cosmic Dance   441-2
    The Eternal Religion   441-2
    The Guru   441-2
    Vigilance   441-2
    Wake Up Stay Alert   441-2
    Wisdom in Action   441-2
    The World Within the Young Mind   441-2
new   [A Light from Soham Santuary-Looking Within]    
new   [The Art of Dying Spiritually]    
    Narada Bhakti Sutras   512
    Patanjali Yoga Sutras    
    Enlightened Living   511-3
    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali   511-3
    The Idea of I   511-3
    Talks on the Yoga Sutras (Season's Harvest 78)   511-3
  * Talks on the Yoga Sutras (Talks on Yoga)   511-3
    Vasistha Yoga    
    Vasistha's Yoga   241-2
    Beyond Time and Space   241-2
  * Multiple Reflections   241-2
    The Apparent Reality   241-2
    Yoga Vasistha - (Season Harvest 77)   241-2
NEW   BIO    
    [Life of Swami Venkatesananda]    
    Life of Swami Venkatesananda    
    [Three Years in Africa]    
    Three Years in Africa    
    [Sri Swami Venkatesananda]    
    [Venkatesananda - The Superwonderful]    
    [In the Light of His Love]    
    [Love Eternal]    
    [Times to Remember]    
  * [Insights and Inspirations]    
    [Venkatesa Daily Readings]    
    [Thoughts for Today]    
    [Buddha Daily Readings]    
    [Sivananda Daily Readings]    
    [The Book of God]    
    [Valmiki's Ramayana]    
  * These books can be purchased at Beacon Yoga Centre    

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