Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
September 1 september
Our goal is to realise "I am God" and we can reach it only if we turn away from 'dogma' (the word when reversed reads 'am-god'!).
Objective phenomena are interpreted by one's own self.
Everything in this world is 'related' to oneself, evaluated on the touchstone of one's own self.
To the extent they are related to one's self - either through love or through hate or through fear - their value is exaggerated.
Life's problems therefore do not spring from the external objects, but from the triple factor of love, hate and fear.
Life and its problems, objective phenomena and their value can therefore be understood as they are, only if we understand these three factors.
Fear is not inherent in the objects feared, but comes into being within me in relationship.
This fear, if not understood for what it is, will continue to infect all relationships, as it goes in search of a cause.
Even so in the case of love (in the sense of sensual infatuation) and hate.
Hence it is vital that one should turn within oneself to see what this fear is.
You cannot beat a flower into blossoming.

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