Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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July 2 juli
No-one can irritate us; we irritate ourselves.
No-one can insult us (beyond expressing their opinions about us); we interpret their opinions as insults.
This affection is caused by attachment, itself born of ignorant identification of the self with the body and mind.
So long as the water flows between the banks it brings prosperity and happiness to the people and cattle.
When the experience touches the individual who is busy with his selfish and goal-motivated activity, the individual classifies these experiences into desirable and undesirable.
Two more motivations are added to his busy-ness - the seeking of the desirable experiences and the avoidance of the undesirable.
He is unable to see that these experiences come and go in utter disregard of his wishes!
Harassed by all this, the individual, imprisoned in the shell, invents concepts of happiness and unhappiness, damnation and redemption, God and Satan, heaven and hell, and believes that all of them exist in truth.

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