Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
May 27 mei
"My God, I didn't think of that before!"
So this Satsang must be kept going.
There is a message, there is beauty, there is a shock, there is a revelation.
That is called Satsang.
Without hope you don't die.
That hope keeps you alive is one point of view: as long as you're alive there is hope that you'll get something.
But this much is true - that hope creates a thing called future, which does not exist and therefore forces you to ignore the truth as it is.
It is being present.
That's all.
Can you also drop everything and reduce every action to ashes?
When will you do that?
When you discover that the ego which motivates this action does not exist, that pure action takes place not because 'I want', not because 'I don't want'.
If this 'I' which says 'I do' is seen to be non-existent, then your problem is solved.
Then what is called God's Will will prevail.

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