Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
May 23 mei
Never shall we suffer in the least if we do good.
The self can get into any dress, take any form, and still it becomes self.
Only God knows how to make it non-self.
The quest for self-discovery is unending.
When the identity has been found, the individuality has been lost.
Realization is knowledge without a knower and an object, the known without subject and object.
Knowledge alone remains, the knowledge of identity.
In yoga there is no belief.
Where knowledge takes over there is no belief.
It is because we have gone along the path of faith, belief that we have messed up our lives.
If I know I am a human being, and if I know you are a human being, then there is total identity, total oneness.
Nothing in the world will disturb this knowledge.
According to yoga, knowledge is something that is born when the individuality dissolves in the quest.
This whole thing is pure awareness; it is called meditation.

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