Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
May 20 mei
The inner devil has been disturbed, shaken from his complacent existence as the lord of our inner world.
What makes relationship?
Simply, very simply, relationship comes into being; it happens.
None of us were born together - we came alone and we will go alone.
Our relationship had a beginning and it must have an end.
This is the plain truth, and intelligence which sees this, instantly transforms relationship into something very beautiful, sacred and holy.
I don't know what brought us together, but that which brought us together knows what should happen, so I approach relationships very respectfully.
I didn't seek this relationship - it happened.
And even if I thought that I sought it, it still happened!
We have come together for a brief moment - that which has arisen must also cease - so I do not expect anything, I am only waiting to discover why we have been brought together and for how long.
In this waiting there is respect, there is love and a total lack of expectation.
From moment to moment I am discovering your interests and how this relationship may be beneficial to both of us.
But throughout, one truth is clear - I was alone, I have come together with you and I will be alone again.
I am not dependent upon you nor are you dependent upon me, but in our coming together there is a certain temporary dependence.
There is beauty here.
Coming together is a blessing, whether we are husband and wife, brother and sister, Guru and disciple or fellow pilgrims.
When this truth is realised, all our relationships are transformed into something holy.
This truth is living, flowing like a river - in it nothing is taken for granted.
If expectation should creep in, poisoning the relationship, intelligence springs into action: "You have taken this relationship too far."
Expectation drops and the relationship continues on its own sacred level.
This life is a blessing and a privilege.
Belief takes away the pain of not knowing what it is, and the keenness to know what it is.
Belief dangerously "saves" us from the difficulty of discovering the truth about ourselves.
Use belief as a springboard, not as a coffin-lid!

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