Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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February 23 februari
Control is not suppression, repression, ignoring evil and thinking of the opposite, or resorting to a routine method - all of which though initially helpful and desirable, will inevitably fail.
It is inner alertness.
There is a subtle middle path between the extremes of licence and tyranny (which is freedom), between weakness and domination (which is humility), between rigidity and liquidity (which is flexibility), between cold indifference and cruelty (which is love), between revolution and stagnation (which is evolution), between obedience and rebellion (which is cooperation), between formality and familiarity (which is affectionate respect).
To find this subtle middle path is yoga - but to find this in oneself, not to look for it in others!
With the profit motive out of the way, people promote one another' s welfare.

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