Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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In order to reach our destination, we need three things: a light outside (the sun, the moon, a lamp, etc.); the sense of sight within; and the spirit of perseverance.
If God is treated as some kind of an external object or person, the desire for God is as good or as bad as a desire for a car.
But if God is understood as the very self of oneself, as the reality of one's being, then the whole position changes.
Then desire for God only means a keen aspiration to understand oneself.
This Self-knowledge does not arise if the mind is distracted and the heart disturbed by discontent and desire.
Again, if one is able to observe oneself in the midst of distraction and desire, to find out the content and reality of such distraction and desire, the discontent ceases and tranquility prevails.
One is able to see clearly the difference between desire for an external object (which is accompanied by restlessness of the mind) and the desire or aspiration for Self-knowledge (which tranquilises the mind and leads to clearer perception).
Gurudev Swami Sivananda constantly warned that without desirelessness, egolessness and (on the positive side), seeing God in all, mere activity is but labor, so much energy wasted.

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