Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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December 4 december
The inner agent (the ignorance born ego) cannot be destroyed because it is a shadow.
It has to be discovered.
In reality, the ego (the agent) is not a devil, but God-asleep.
The veil of ignorance or deep sleep has to be removed.
As long as life lasts, the swinging between balance and imbalance, tension and non-tension, light and darkness, go on; but in the light of this inner intelligence that shadow play is not seen.
One who understands this is instantly freed from doubt and also from intention, attachment to action (or the feeling: 'I do this') and from longing for the results of the action.
His is the natural life.
Spiritual life should result in our expressing our essential, divine, spiritual nature, in all our thoughts, words and deeds.
This demands keen discrimination, intelligent dispassion and firm determination.
This demands an ability to make sacrifices, a daring spirit of adventure, and a willingness to make the necessary psycho-spiritual experiments, which might cost us not only the pleasures of this worldly life, but our life itself.

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