Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
December 27 december
Even they who at first think we are mad, will, in God's good time, get the infection and be happy that they are mad, too - mad for God.
Where are happiness and unhappiness?
They are directly related to hope.
As long as there is hope, there must be disappointment, suffering.
As long as there is desire to be happy, there must be unhappiness.
As one goes on seeing all these polarities, one realises one's freedom.
When I have no hope, I have no despair; once I am free from the desire to be happy, there is no more unhappiness for me.
As long as there is still duality: 'I' and 'another', this 'I' is subject to happiness, and its opposite.
Karma yoga is the touchstone for the truth of meditation, and meditation will necessarily obliterate the distinctions that are created by the mind.
Karma yoga is when meditation and life fuse into one.

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