Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
December 26 december
The various 'religions' were created by man, not by God they were born after God and man.
They can help man find God but should never be substituted for God.
Of course, we pollute our love of God with our petitions, but He has His own ways of weaning us away from this weakness.
We are made to realise that what we need has already been provided by Him, and that He does not always respond to our foolish prayers.
This realisation frees prayer from the petitioning spirit.
In pure, supreme love, we pray: "Thy will be done."
A miracle takes place.
When this 'supreme love of God' comes to dwell in our hearts, all contrary feelings are banished from it. Neither hate nor fear can dwell in the heart which is filled with supreme love of God.
Unbeknown to ourselves we find ourselves in a position where we love all: there is no other emotion in our heart.
Life is not born; it does not undergo any change.
The differences we see are assumed and not real, but they give rise to different attitudes, approaches, forms of behavior and different experiences, which we call good and evil, pleasure and pain, hell and heaven.
Life is beyond all these.
Life is God.

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