Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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December 22 december
We can learn a wonderful lesson by watching a merry-go-round.
The children farthest from the center whirl wildly.
Those midway move more slowly, and the one at the center is at peace.
You have the free-will to choose where you wish to be.
All objects are projections of a subject or parts of a belief system - ideas, opinions, fragmentation of some sort of knowledge.
The yogi is not an unusual, super-natural, super-normal being.
Everyone has knowingly or unknowingly experienced the state of yoga some time or other.
In the case of most of us this state of yoga happens and we do not taste it, we do not enjoy it, and therefore we are not established in it.
The yogi consciously and deliberately moves towards it.
One must be very careful here.
You cannot consciously and deliberately bring on the state of yoga, it has to happen; but you can consciously and deliberately move towards it, so that you have an indirect experience of it, in the penultimate state, and in the state afterwards, when you return to what is called normal consciousness.
In other words, when you want to fall asleep, you arrange the pillows properly, you switch off the lights, you lie down and you observe yourself falling asleep.
As long as you are observing, you are not going to sleep.
When you have fallen asleep, you stop observing; a couple of minutes before you are destined to sleep, the observation is switched off.
But having deliberately moved towards that sleep, you remember, "This is what I wanted."
And when you wake up in the morning, you say, "Oh, that was beautiful."
So, if you have learned to enjoy that state of sleep, to enjoy that state of yoga, then you cherish it, you value it, and then it is possible for you to be established in it.

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