Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
December 17 december
Isolation is a function of thought, it is not a feat,
Sooner or later, the 'truth' of the teaching is brought home - life has its own magic cure (pain!) for the blindness of stupidity.
What is the purpose of life?
Is there any purpose or do we merely exist until we die?
What is my relation with you?
What is the meaning of "pleasure and pain"?
Often these questions do not arise in man's mind until he is rudely shaken by shock, failure or calamity.
The normal man is far too busy with the struggle for existence to find time for such thoughts about life.
He is content to exist; he hardly ever lives.
Even miseries fail to waken him; he only changes his tactics, blaming his neighbors and sometimes himself, and endeavors to find happiness by other methods.
There is total darkness around him, and even the way out is completely forgotten.
At such times the Almighty Lord grants us great spiritual awakeners, who come and live with us.

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