Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
November 3 november
A saintly sister-seeker in South Africa, after pursuing much-publicized holiness, has discovered: "In a strange way my life has become a very simple one - in the little things I see perfection and beauty and fulfillment."
That is what satsang means.
Can we draw a little closer to this truth by communing with these words?
If that is possible, we are blessed!
So, one must understand the spirit.
Once you get into the spirit and go on listening to it, then something happens.
The penny drops - occasionally, and not on every occasion, and not on every page that you read.
Sometimes the penny drops here, sometimes there.
There is a time when I understand that, there is a time when I understand this, there is a time when I understand a third thing.
If it has to happen, it has to happen!
I was alone before you came, and now I think I am with you, but it is not true.
If my heart stops now and I collapse, you will not be with me, no matter who you are.
My fate will be exactly what it was before you came into my life.

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