Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
November 19 november
All religion is the individual's path to God-realization.
Wisdom lies in understanding the totality of life, the truth concerning life, and in not being distracted by one or the other events that are also part of life.
This is the beauty - and this is the difficulty.
One who would like to tread this spiritual path must be eternally vigilant; he should not relax that vigilance even for a single moment.
As long as there is an "I" capable of being vigilant and therefore of being non-vigilant, one should be vigilant.
This eternal vigilance itself is enlightenment, liberation.
I think now it is easy to see how and why a person who is eternally vigilant must inevitably enjoy his life here and now.
That is obvious.
If I know that when I stick my finger into this power point, it might electrocute me or give me a painful shock, I will not do it at all.
That is the person of eternal vigilance.
One who realizes that a certain action is foolish and causes unhappiness will not do it.
He is vigilant.
Therefore a person who is eternally vigilant is happy now.

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