Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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November 18 november
Does God give us food only because we deserve it?
Does the earth produce food only to be eaten by the deserving?
Which one of us truly deserves all the blessings one enjoys?
Moreover, what is ours in this world?
We only give away in charity what belongs to the Lord himself present in the other man!
Frustration is half of this process of spiritual awakening, because we are trying to deal with something that is fundamental.
Until you become enlightened, this frustration will keep you company.
And that's very good company!
We are not frustrated because we are unable to deal with this shadow.
Intuitively we realise that it is merely a shadow, it doesn't exist, yet it haunts us so terribly.
You can't get at it.
It's like a phantom pain in a limb that does not exist.
So this frustration is likely to keep you company for a long time - or until you reach enlightenment.
We are living in a strange world and yet not so strange, for it has always been so.
For those who have made an honest study of the legend called history and the history called legend, it would appear that the problem has remained the same - the struggle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.
The former triumph and their triumph turns them (or their descendants) into the latter.
So the world merry-goes-round.

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