Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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November 15 november
Only he who has even tried to practice the austerity of speech can realize the burning, purifying and illuminating power it has.
The tortoise is enjoying life, which means whatever happens is natural and inherent in life.
He's not running after something.
You can see very well why the illustration is given.
The tortoise doesn't run after any pleasure.
But no-one can say that the tortoise therefore does not enjoy at all.
It enjoys as much pleasure staying there as running around.
A man wearing simple sandals walks gently; the same man wearing fashionable shoes has a different gait.
When we talk of civilization, we imply a greater accumulation of, or intimate association with the machine.
Yet does the machine civilize us, evoke civilized behavior in us?
Perhaps not.

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