Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
October 30 oktober
Wijsheid en spirituele rijpheid betekenen dat men alert is, inwendig bewust en waakzaam, zodat bij elke stap en in elke omstandigheid de juiste keuze wordt gemaakt.
It is in the fullness of one's achievement that there arises the knowledge or understanding that it was all due to divine grace; in that understanding there is intelligent and dynamic self-surrender.
The human being can only appreciate a certain amount of pain and a certain amount of pleasure; beyond that, both of them are exactly the same experience.
We suffer a dreadful illusion that the more pleasure, the better.
It is not true.
One becomes unconscious with pain and swoons with pleasure - they are exactly the same.
In the same way, people cry out of pleasure and cry out of pain - the tears are the same.
So neither the body, nor the external object, determines the definition of pain or pleasure, happiness or unhappiness.

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