Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
October 28 oktober
The Yoga Vasistha gives us abundant hope.
"Our previous and present efforts, in case they are in contrary directions, are like two arms fighting against each other. The more powerful of the two always overcomes the other."
Again, "One should, therefore, overcome one's unfavorable destiny by greater effort in the present, gnashing one's teeth"!
The last phrase recognizes the difficulty of the task, but the optimist treats difficulties as steps to achievement.
If you are integrated, every moment of your life is divine, every moment of your life is meditation.
We have all done this; somebody insults you and you get angry and upset and you are miserable for a couple of days.
Even that is not necessary.
The whole incident lasted only ten minutes.
So, why did you have to hold onto it?
But the mind keeps chewing it over: "He should not have done that. This should not happen to me."
The trouble happened long ago, but chewing it again, you are perpetuating the unhappiness.
Time washed it away immediately.

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