Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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October 22 oktober
All wise men admit that there is some law and an intelligent administrator of that law.
To that power, that cosmic intelligence, the scriptures give an indicative name - God and its equivalent in other languages.
If you are able to observe your own qualities, whether they are good or bad, those qualities undergo some change.
So, while observing what is euphemistically called 'oneself', a change takes place.
When the observation becomes a bit more intense, one has to wonder at some time, "How did I become my own object? With what can I observe myself and know the truth concerning myself?"
When that burning question arises there is an inner explosion and an expansion of consciousness that is indescribable.
God creates work - man creates worry.
God creates challenges - man creates problems.
Good will is truly God's Will.

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