Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
October 21 oktober
When the mind is purified by right living, right thinking, right meditation, service and so on, it becomes transparent and instantly abolishes the fictitious distinction between the inside and the outside.
The mind ('my mind') too, is limited and conditioned - by the enormous stuff that has been fed into it birth after birth.
It is loaded with this memory and so responds to this as a computer would.
The intellect which is individualised cosmic consciousness can function only within the logic barrier.
It is obsessed with the 'why', and it invents reasons and explanations which somehow satisfy it.
The intellect may even 'accuse' the mind and the senses without realising that the accuser is also the accused!
It is also conditioned.
The quest itself is, the questioning intelligence is, the questioner is, was and will be, till dissolved in self-knowledge - when the quest ceases.

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