Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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October 18 oktober
The bliss of meditation is unexciting and peaceful, sensual pleasure is preceded and accompanied by restlessness and excitement, and followed by exhaustion.
All pleasure which disturbs the mental equilibrium and the calmness of the spirit is to be avoided.
It is this disturbance which is the only risk in sensual pleasures.
The pleasure inherent in the sense objects is also derived from the absolute, whose perfect expression can only be experienced in perfect tranquillity.
We do glimpse this state occasionally in our life; but the mind jumps in, "enjoys" it, labels it as pleasure and craves for repetition.
This craving turns delight into pleasure and so into pain.
You may say that there is no difference between kindness and cruelty, except that kindness will beget kindness and cruelty will beget cruelty.
Are you prepared to treat what you receive in the same spirit in which you give?

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