Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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October 10 oktober
The average man knows only three attitudes in personal relationship: intense clinging, hateful kicking, and indifference, which is often the worst of the three.
There is a fourth, and that is called non-attachment.
In non-attachment, love is not lost, but it is preserved from the corroding influence of selfishness and possessiveness.
This love does not tire or overwhelm.
Its soft touch does not hurt even a rose petal.
It does not demand, but it gives.
If one sincerely realises that "I could not make it myself and hence I prayed for divine grace; and it was on account of the grace that I succeeded.
The success belongs to the divine" then there is true humility and continued prayerfulness.
This is the key to the continued reception of grace and continued success.
Every religion declares that God is one, that humanity is one, yet each one declares that it alone has the monopoly of this truth.
How can religion unite man by dividing it, by carving out a slice of its own, and then proclaiming the other slices to be untruths or half-truths?

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