Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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January 8 januari
Without realising that all 'my' is eneMY, we endeavour to find scriptural sanction for these new attachments, and impotently refuse to fight the battle of our spiritual life.
Life is an opportunity, but ignorance converts it into a burden.
God created a lot of work for man to do, but ignorance transforms it into worry.
Man has his duty to his fellowman, but ignorance makes it a millstone around his neck, weighing him down with cares and anxieties.
Wealth and wisdom God entrusted to man to serve his neighbour with; but ignorance bound him with them in the fatal ties of possessiveness.
There is no "normal" person in this world; and, of course, each man is "normal" to his own nature!
The psychologist's "sword" of "abnormality" has ruined the life of many, stifling talents and compelling the psychologist-disapproved characteristics to commit suicide.
Abnormality rarely exists in nature, but abounds in the psychiatrist's clinic, created and confirmed by him. Self-understanding will promote self-culture and self-realization.
One need not fit into another's jacket, but one must be true to one's own self and grow in the image of God - that which one essentially is.
Jealousy, envy and imitation are a waste of time and lead to psychological suicide.

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