Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

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January 23 januari
Normally the tortoise has its head and all the limbs out.
As long as it is not threatened it sticks its neck out and the limbs out, but when there is a threat, at that very instant it is able to withdraw the limbs into the shell.
I'm wondering why it is that you and I - human beings - the crown of God's creation and all the rest of it, are unable to do this, whereas a tortoise is able to do that.
A tortoise is able to sense danger and the moment there is a threat to its life it pulls itself in.
You and I, when there is a threat, stick our neck further out.
Why is that?
And yet we call ourselves highly intelligent.
It's so simple: live in this world with all your limbs out, enjoy yourself if you want to, be happy, be as happy as you want to.
But the moment that happiness is threatened, 'pull yourself in'.
Is that difficult?
It is foolish to renounce religion because philosophers differ and are confused.
If you peel off your feelings, your thought processes, your rationalizations, your philosophies and your opinions, there shines the truth.

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