Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
January 2 januari
No man is perfect.
The good man has his faults.
The evil one has to his credit sublime thoughts and chivalrous actions, however rare they may be.
Both of them are subject to temptations.
But the good man shakes off evil after a brief encounter.
The wicked man similarly shies away from goodness just as fast!
If you are unaware of the activity of the mind, you are trapped.
If you are aware, it is humiliating - something which is nothing enslaves you more thoroughly than the 'solid' realities of the world!
The first person pronoun "I" may itself be nothing more than an idea.
However, as soon as this idea arises, it creates you, the other person, the second person, the he, she, and it, the third person.
From this division flows an interminable stream of worry, anxiety, fear and hate.
How does one put an end to this?
By realizing that you are the stream.
The moment you realize that, the menace has ceased.

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