Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's writings

today/vandaag is
January 15 januari
It demands unwinking vigilance to ensure that the sadhana or a virtuous life itself does not become a prison-house, reinforcing the ego!
Virtue, created and maintained by a wrong motive or egoistical attitude, is prison.
This does not mean that we ever sanction vice; if a seeker exposes himself to sin, he will never be able to reach the goal.
What is needed is virtue as a fortress.
But the difference is this: the key of the fortress is in your keeping; the key of the prison-house is in another's.
Man thinks.
He thinks he alone is capable of thinking.
Where there is true knowledge, thought is irrelevant.
Perhaps trees and other 'unthinking' beings know.
They do not need to think.
Some people have friends who love them and enemies who hate them.
Some lucky people have friends who love them and enemies who sympathize with them.
Some others have enemies who despise them and friends who dislike and disapprove of them.

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