January 1
Calendars change.
Date-stamps change.
But what else changes on New Year's Day?
The old year lingers in our thoughts, in our habits, in our mode of life, in our granite hearts, in our vanities and prejudices.
Yet we can change everything if we want to - but do we sincerely want to change?
If we sincerely want to change anything, it is a change in other people, to suit our needs.
A new year for others to suit our old year.
Yet if we wished it sincerely, the new year could be truly new and glorious.
Yester-year is dead and the future is unborn.
Only this year is real.
The new year, today, this hour, this moment is filled with infinite potentialities.
Now is infinity.
Now is eternity.
Now is immortality.
But now slips away before we have uttered it - to capture it needs extreme alertness and vigilance.
My Master, Swami Sivananda, loved the now.
He used to celebrate New Year's Day at the Ashram.
To Him it was not so much a New Year's Day as it was a Now Year's Day.
The past is dead - we need not even bury it.
May you all enjoy this happy new year for ever and ever!

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