May All be Happy
January 1
Years come. Years go.
To many of us the New Year's Day is just the day on which we change the calendar.
We do not value time.
We do not realise the value of life.
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month and every year that is past cannot be recalled.
A businessman at the end of his financial year draws up a balance sheet; he is happy only if he has made some progress in his business.
But the man-in-the-street is quite unconcerned.
We have 'lost' one year; what have we gained?
Ask yourself.
The South Indian has a number of highly interesting customs associated with the New Year.
One of them is forgetting old enmities and greeting all relatives and friends and even strangers with love and goodwill.
We should practise it here.
Let us forget all enmity and ill will and live in unity with all.
Another custom is to include in the lunch a dish of neem-flowers (bitter) and syrup (sweet).
The coming year may have its sweet and bitter experiences; let us, in wisdom, welcome them both.
Let us seek the unity that underlies all creation and all experiences.
May every one of our breaths offer this prayer to the Lord: "May all, O Lord, be happy."
Let us efface all man-made distinctions from our heart, and recognise the Indwelling Presence in all.

Life is an opportunity, but ignorance converts it into a burden.
God created a lot of work for man to do, but ignorance transforms it into worry.
Man has his duty to his fellowman, but ignorance makes it a millstone around his neck, weighing him down with cares and anxieties.
Wealth and wisdom God entrusted to man to serve his neighbour with; but ignorance bound him with them in the fatal ties of possessiveness.

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