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V 13    ayameva hamityasmin sankoce vilayam gate anantabhuvanavyapi vistara upajayate (15)
Vasistha continued:
O Rama, thus do enquire into the nature of the self, even as Janaka did.
Then you will reach, without any obstacle whatsoever, that realm of the knowers of what is to be known.
Again and again, one should overcome the enemies known as the senses; and then the self attains self-satisfaction by its own endeavour.
When thus the infinite self is realised, sorrow comes to an end, even the seeds of delusion are destroyed, the shower of misfortunes ceases, and the perception of evil ends.
Hence, O Rama, be like Janaka, and realise the self in the inner light.
Be an excellent person.
If one engages oneself in constant self-enquiry, and sees the ever-changing nature of the world, in due time, one will attain self-knowledge like Janaka.
Neither god, nor rites and rituals (or any action), nor wealth, nor relatives, are of any use in this.
To those who are afraid of the world-illusion, self-effort as self-enquiry alone is capable of bringing about selfknowledge.
Pray, do not follow the teachings of those deluded ones who depend upon gods, various rites, and routine actions, and such other perverse practices.
This ocean of world-appearance can be crossed only when you are firmly established in supreme wisdom, when you see the self with the self alone, and when your intelligence is not diverted or coloured by sense-perceptions.
Thus have I narrated to you how king Janaka attained self-knowledge, as if by an act of grace which caused the knowledge to drop from heaven, as it were.
One who cultivates the wisdom that Janaka had, will experience the inner light in his own heart, and the ignorant fancy of world-illusion will be instantly dispelled.
When the limited and conditioned feeling "I am so-and-so" ceases, there arises consciousness of the all-pervading infinite.
Hence, O Rama, like Janaka, you too abandon the false and fanciful notion of the ego-sense within your own heart.
When this ego-sense is dispelled, the supreme light of self-knowledge will surely shine in your heart.
This ego-sense alone is the densest form of darkness.
When it is dispelled, the inner light shines by itself.
He who knows 'I am not', 'Nor does the other exist', "Nor is there non-existence', and whose mental activity has thus come to a standstill, is not engrossed in acquisitiveness.
O Rama, there is no bondage here other than craving for acquisition, and the anxiety to avoid what one considers undesirable.
Do not succumb to such anxiety, and do not let acquisition of what is considered desirable be your goal.
Giving up both these attitudes, rest in what remains.
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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