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IV 44    svabhava kalpito rama jivanam sarvadaiva hi amoksapada samprapti samsaro styatmano ntare (6)
Vasistha continued:
However, all this creation takes place only as in a dream.
This creation is not real; it merely appears to be so.
He who has eradicated ignorance totally and in whom every form of conditioning has ceased is a liberated sage: though he seems to be aware of this dream known as world-appearance, in reality he does not see it as the world.
This world-appearance is naturally conceived of in all the jivas at all times, till the jiva attains liberation.
In every jiva, therefore, the body exists potentially - not in all its physical substantiality, but as a thought and as an intention.
I shall describe to you once again how the creator Brahma arose in the infinite consciousness and you will see from that account how the infinite beings arose similarly in that consciousness.
The infinite consciousness which is devoid of time, space and causation playfully assumes these.
Thus the cosmic person comes into being; this cosmic person is also the cosmic mind and cosmic life.
This cosmic person intends to experience sound; and space is brought into being, with the transmission of sound as its character.
It intends to experience touch; air is created.
These are unseen and subtle.
Wishing to see, this cosmic person brings fire into being, and this fire expands into the numerous sources of light.
It intends to experience taste as well as coolness to counteract fire; water comes into being.
And, lastly, by its mere wish to smell, earth with its faculty of smell comes into being.
This cosmic person with all its faculties is still extremely subtle and undivided.
It apparently abandons that and perceives itself as infinite sparks in space.
It thinks of itself as each one of these sparks; the ego-sense arises.
This ego-sense also has intelligence inherent in it, and it conceives of a body for itself with the help of the five cosmic elements I have already mentioned.
This body it regards as gross, physical and material, and so it becomes.
This cosmic person is the Brahma.
He appears to create all these countless beings; and he himself protects them.
He first arose in the infinite consciousness: but apparently overcome by self-limitation and forgetfulness of the infinite nature, as in foetal sleep, he identifies himself with the body, fuelled and maintained by the life-force (prana) and composed of material substances.
When he begins to enquire into his origin, his true nature is revealed to him; and he is liberated from self-limitation.
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