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V 12    prajnayeha jagat sarvam samyageva nga drsyate samyag darsanamayanti na pado na ca sampadah (38)
Vasistha continued:
Whatever sorrows there may be that seem to be difficult to overcome, are easily crossed over with the help of the boat of wisdom (the inner light).
He who is devoid of this wisdom is bothered even by minor difficulties.
But, he who has this wisdom, even if he is alone and helpless in this world, and even if he is unlearned in the scriptures, easily crosses the sea of sorrow.
Even without the help of another, the man of wisdom accomplishes his work.
He who is without wisdom does not - nay, even his capital is lost.
Hence, one should constantly endeavour to gain this inner light or wisdom, even as one who aspires for fruits exerts constant effort in his garden.
Wisdom is the root which, when thus constantly nourished, yields the good fruits of self-knowledge.
The effort and the energy that are directed by the people in worldly activities should first be directed to the gaining of this wisdom.
One should first destroy the dullness of wit, which is the source of all sorrow and calamities, and which is the seed for this huge tree of world-appearance.
And, whatever is gained in heaven or in the netherworld or by empires here, is gained by wisdom here and now.
By wisdom is this ocean of worldappearance crossed over, not by charity, nor by pilgrimage, nor by austerities.
Those men who are endowed with divine virtues here, gained them through wisdom.
Even kings have gained their throne through wisdom.
Wisdom is surely the path to heaven, as well as to supreme good or liberation.
It is by wisdom alone that a meek scholar wins in a contest against a powerful adversary.
Wisdom or the inner light is like the legendary precious stone, O Rama, which bestows on its owner whatever he wishes to have.
He who has this wisdom, reaches the other shore of this world-illusion easily.
He who does not have this wisdom, drowns in world-illusion.
When one's intelligence and understanding are properly guided by this inner light, one reaches the other shore; if not, one is overcome by obstacles.
Defects, desires, and evils, do not even approach that man of wisdom whose mind is undeluded.
Through wisdom (in the inner light), the entire world is clearly seen as it is.
Neither good fortune, nor misfortune, even approach one who has such clear vision.
Even as the dense dark cloud that veils the sun is dispersed by wind, the darkness of ego-sense, which veils the self, is dispelled by wisdom (inner light).
He who seeks to be established in the highest state of consciousness, should first purify his mind by the cultivation of wisdom, or by the kindling of the inner light, even as one who desires foodgrains tills the field.
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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