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V 12    anamrstavikalpamsus cidatma vigatamayah udiyaya hrdakase tasya vyomniva bhaskarah (6)
Vasistha continued:
Having reached the understanding already described, Janaka functioned as the king, and did all that was necessary, without getting befuddled, and with a great strength of mind and spirit.
His mind was not distracted by royal pleasures.
In fact, he moved about as if he were continually in a state of deep sleep.
From then on, he was interested neither in accumulating nor in rejecting anything.
Without any doubt or confusion, he lived in the present.
His wisdom was uninterrupted, and his intelligence did not become clouded again by impurities.
The light of self-knowledge (cid-atma) arose in his heart, free from the least taint of impurity and sorrow, even as the sun rises on the horizon.
He beheld everything in the universe as existing in cosmic power (cid-sakti).
Endowed with self-knowledge, he saw all things in the self, which is infinite.
Knowing that all that happens, happens naturally, he neither experienced elation nor suffered depression, and remained in unbroken equanimity.
Janaka had become a liberated one while still living (jivan-mukta).
Janaka continued to rule the kingdom, without his self-knowledge setting or rising again on account of the influence of the evil or the good prevalent around him.
Remaining for ever in the consciousness of the infinite, he experienced the state of non-action, even though he appeared to others to be ever busy in diverse actions.
All his tendencies and intentions had ceased to be.
Hence, though he appeared to be active, he was really in a state of deep sleep all the time.
He did not brood over the past, nor did he worry over the future.
He lived in the present moment, smiling happily all the time.
Janaka attained whatever he did by dint of his own enquiry.
Similarly, one should pursue the enquiry into the nature of truth till one reaches the very limits of such enquiry.
Self-knowledge or knowledge of truth is not had by resorting to a guru (preceptor), nor by the study of scripture, nor by good works.
It is attained only by means of enquiry inspired by the company of wise and holy men.
One's inner light alone is the means, naught else.
When this inner light is kept alive, it is not affected by the darkness of inertia.
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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