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V 11    citta cancala samsara atmano na sukhaya te samamehi samac chantam sukham saram avapyate (5)
Vasistha continued:
Reflecting thus, king Janaka rose from his seat, as the sun rises in the horizon, and began to engage himself in the royal duties, without any attachment to them.
Having abandoned all concepts of the desirable and the undesirable, freed from all psychological conditioning and intention, he engaged himself in spontaneous and appropriate action - as if in deep sleep, though wide awake.
He performed the day's tasks, including the adoration of the holy ones; and, at the conclusion of the day, he retired to his own seclusion, to spend the night in deep meditation, which was easy and natural to him.
His mind had naturally turned away from all confusion and delusion, and had become firmly established in equanimity.
And, when he rose in the morning, King Janaka thus reflected in his own mind:
O unsteady mind!
This worldly life is not conducive to your true happiness.
Hence, reach the state of equanimity.
It is in such equanimity that you will experience peace, bliss and the truth.
Whenever you create perverse thinking in yourself, out of your wantonness, it is then that this world illusion begins to expand and spread out.
It is when you entertain desire for pleasure that this world-illusion sprouts countless branches.
It is thought that gives rise to this network of world-appearance.
Hence, abandon this whim and fancy, and attain to equanimity.
Weigh in the balance of your wisdom, the sense pleasures on one side, and the bliss of peace on the other.
Whatever you determine to be the truth, seek that.
Give up all hopes and expectations, and freed from the wish to seek or to abandon, roam about freely.
Let this world-appearance be real or unreal, let it arise or set.
But, do not let its merits and demerits disturb your equanimity.
For, at no time do you have a real relationship with this world-appearance.
It is only because of your ignorance that such a relationship has appeared in you.
O mind, you are false, and this world-appearance is also false.
Hence, there is a mysterious relationship between you two - like the relationship between the barren woman and her son.
If you think that you are real and that the world is unreal, how can a valid relationship exist between the two?
On the other hand, if both are real, where then is the justification for exultation and sorrow?
Hence, abandon sorrow, and resort to deep contemplation.
There is naught here in this world which can lead you to the state of fullness.
Hence, resolutely take refuge in courage and endurance, and overcome your own waywardness.
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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