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V 10    sthite manasi niskame same vigataranjane kayavayavajau karyau spandaspandau phale samau (28)
Vasistha continued:
Seeing the king thus seated engrossed in deep contemplation, his bodyguard respectfully approached him and said:
"Lord, it is time to consider your royal duties.
Your Majesty's handmaiden awaits your pleasure, having prepared your perfumed bath.
The holy priests await your arrival in the bath chamber, to commence the chanting of the appropriate hymns.
Lord, arise, and let what has to be done be done.
For, noble men are never unpunctual or negligent."
But the king ignored the bodyguard's words, and continued to muse:
What shall I do with this court and the royal duties, when I know that all these are ephemeral?
They are useless to me.
I shall renounce all activities and duties, and I shall remain immersed in the bliss of the self.
O mind, abandon your craving for sense-pleasures, so that you may be rid of the miseries of repeated old age and death.
Whatever be the condition in which you hope to enjoy happiness, that very condition proves to be the source of unhappiness!
Enough of this sinful, conditioned, pleasure-seeking life.
Seek the delight that is natural and inherent in you.
Seeing that the king was silent, the bodyguard became silent, too.
THE KING once again said to himself:
What shall I seek to gain in this universe.
On what eternal truth in this universe shall I rest with confidence?
What difference does it make if I am engaged in ceaseless activity or if I remain idle?
Nothing in this world is truly enduring in any case.
Whether active or idle, this body is impermanent and ever-changing.
When the intelligence is rooted in equanimity, what is lost and how?
I do not long for what I do not have, nor do I desire to abandon what has come to me unsought.
I am firmly established in the self; let what is mine be mine!
There is nothing that I should work for, nor is there any meaning in inaction.
Whatever is gained by action or by inaction is false.
When the mind is thus established in desirelessness when it does not seek pleasure, when the body and its limbs perform their natural functions, action and inaction are of equal value or meaning.
Hence, let the body engage itself in its natural functions.
Without such activity, the body will disintegrate.
When the mind ceases to entertain the notions 'I do this' 'I enjoy this' in regard to the actions thus performed, action becomes non-action.
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