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V 9    kakataliyayogena sampannayam jagatsthitau dhurtena kalpita vyartham heyopadeyabhavana (49)
King Janaka continued:
I am like an ignorant fool, deluded by the goblin known as the ego-sense which creates the false feeling "I am so-and-so".
Knowing full well that Time has trampled under foot countless gods and trinities, I still entertain love for life.
Days and nights are spent in vain cravings, but not in the experience of the bliss of infinite consciousness.
I have gone from sorrow to greater sorrow, but dispassion does not arise in me.
What shall I regard as excellent or desirable, seeing that whatever one cherished in this world has passed away, leaving one miserable.
Day by day, people in this world grow in sin and violence, hence day by day they experience greater sorrow.
Childhood is wasted in ignorance, youth is wasted in lusting after pleasures, and the rest of one' s life is spent in family worries.
What does a stupid person achieve in this life?
Even if one performs great religious rites, one may go to heaven - nothing more.
What is heaven, is it on earth or in the netherworld, and is there a place which is untouched by affliction?
Sorrow brings happiness, and happiness brings sorrow on its shoulders!
The pores of the earth are filled by the dead bodies of beings; hence it looks solid!
There are beings in this universe whose winking is of the duration of an epoch.
What is my life-span in comparison?
Of course, there appear to be delightful and enduring objects in this world, but they bring with them endless worries and anxieties!
Prosperity is truly adversity, and adversity may be desirable depending upon the effect upon the mind.
Mind alone is the seed for this delusion of world-appearance.
It is the mind that gives rise to the false sense of 'I' and 'mine'.
In this world which appears to have been created, even as the fruit of cocoanut-palm might appear to have been dislodged by a crow which coincidentally happens to alight on the tree at that moment, sheer ignorance generates feelings like 'this I should have' and 'this I should reject' .
It is better to spend one's time in seclusion or in hell, than to live in this world-appearance.
Intention or motivation alone is the seed for this world-appearance.
I shall dry up this motivation!
I have enjoyed and suffered all kinds of experiences.
Now I shall rest.
I shall not grieve any more.
I have been awakened.
I shall slay this thief (the mind) who has stolen my wisdom.
I have been well instructed by the sages.
Now I shall seek self-knowledge.
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