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V 8    upasamasukhamaharet pavitram sasamavatah samameti sadhucetah prasamitamanasah svake svarupe bhavati sukhe sthitiruttama ciraya (8/18)
Vasistha continued:
O Rama, there is a great monarch whose vision is unlimited, who rules over the Videha territory; he is known as Janaka.
To those who seek his aid, he is a cornucopia.
In his very presence, the heart-lotuses of his friends blossom; he is like unto a sun for them.
He is a great benefactor to all good people.
One day, he went to a pleasure-garden where he roamed freely.
While he was thus roaming, he heard the inspiring words uttered by certain holy, perfected ones.
Thus did the perfected sages sing:
We contemplate that self which reveals itself as the pure experience of bliss when the seer (the experiences) comes into contact with the object (the experience), without a division or conceptualisation.
We contemplate the self in which the objects are reflected non-volitionally, once the divided experience (predicate) of subject-object and the intention or volition that created this division have all ceased.
We contemplate that light that illumines all that shines, the self that transcends the twin concepts of 'is' and 'is not', and which therefore'is 'in the middle' of the two sides, as it were.
We contemplate that reality in which everything exists, to which everything belongs, from which everything has emerged, which is the cause of everything, and which is everything.
We contemplate the self which is the very basis of all language and expression, being the alpha and the omega, which covers the entire field from 'a' to 'ha', and which is indicated by the word 'aham' ('I').
Alas, people run after other objects, foolishly giving up the Lord who dwells in the cave of one's own heart.
He who, having known the worthlessness of the objects, still remains bound at heart to them, is not a human being!
One should strike down every craving with the rod of wisdom, whether that craving has arisen or is about to rise in the heart.
One should enjoy the delight that flows from peace.
The man whose mind is well-controlled, is firmly established in peace.
When the heart is thus established in peace, there arise the pure bliss of the self without delay.
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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