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V 6 7    kecittvakarmani rata virats api karmanah narakannarakam yanti duhkhad duhkham bhayadbhayam (6/3)
Vasistha continued:
O Rama, he who knows that all the activities merely happen because of the mere existence of consciousness - even as a crystal reflects the objects around it without intending to do so - is liberated.
They who, even after taking this human birth, are not interested in such non-volitional activity, go from heaven to hell, and from hell to heaven again.
Some there are who are devoted to inaction, having turned away from or suppressed all action.
They go from hell to hell, from sorrow to sorrow, from fear to fear.
Some are bound by their tendencies and intentions to the fruits of their own actions; and they take birth as worms and vermin, then as trees and plants, then as worms and vermin again.
Others there are who know the self; blessed indeed are they.
They have carefully enquired into the nature of the mind and overcome all cravings: they go to higher planes of consciousness.
He who has taken birth for the last time now, is endowed with a mixture of light (satva) and a little impurity (rajas).
Right from birth he grows in holiness.
The nobler type of knowledge enters into him with ease.
All the noble qualities like friendliness, compassion, wisdom, goodness, and magnanimity, seek him, and take their abode in him.
He performs all appropriate actions, but is not swayed if their results appear to be gain or loss, nor does he feel elated or depressed.
His heart is clear.
He is much sought after by the people.
Such a one, who is fill of all the noble qualities, seeks and follows an enlightened master, who directs him along the path of self-knowledge.
He then realises the self, which is the one cosmic being.
Such a liberated one awakens the inner intelligence, which has been asleep so far.
And, this awakened intelligence instantly knows itself to be the infinite consciousness.
Becoming constantly aware of the inner light, such a blessed one instantly ascends into the utterly pure state.
Such is the normal course of evolution, O Rama.
However, there are exceptions to this rule.
In the case of those who have taken birth in this world, two possibilities exist for the attainment of liberation.
The first is: treading the path indicated by the master, the seeker gradually reaches the goal of liberation.
The second is: self-knowledge literally drops into one's lap, as it were, and there is instant enlightenment.
I shall narrate to you an ancient legend which illustrates the second type of enlightenment.
Please listen.
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