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V 5    yatha rajobhir gaganam yatha kamalam ambubhih na lipyate hi samslistair dehair atma tathaiva ca (31)
Vasistha continued:
Resolve the confusion between the body and the self, and you will be at peace at once.
Even as a nugget of gold fallen into mud is never spoiled by the mud, the self is untainted by the body.
I repeat, with uplifted arms I proclaim,
"The self is one thing, and the body is another, even as the water and the lotus", but no one listens to me!
As long as the inert and insentient mind pursues the path of pleasure, so long this darkness of world-illusion cannot be dispelled.
But, the moment one awakens from this, and enquires into the nature of the self, this darkness is dispelled at once.
Hence, one should constantly endeavour to awaken the mind, which dwells in the body, in order that one may go beyond the process of becoming - for such becoming is fraught with sorrow.
Even as the sky is not affected by the dust-particles floating in it, the self is unaffected by the body.
Pleasure and pain are falsely imagine to be experienced by oneself, even as one falsely thinks that 'the sky is polluted by dust' .
In fact, pleasure and pain are neither of the body nor of the self which transcends everything; they belong only to ignorance.
Their loss is no loss.
Neither pleasure nor pain belong to anyone.
All indeed is the self, which is supreme peace and infinite.
Realise this, O Rama.
The self and the world are neither identical nor are they different (dual).
All this is but the reflection of the truth.
Nothing but the one Brahman exists.
'I am different from this' is pure fancy; give it up, O Rama.
The one self perceives itself within itself as the infinite consciousness.
Therefore, there is no sorrow, no delusion, no birth (creation), nor creature; whatever is, is.
Be free from distress, O Rama.
Be free of duality; remain firmly established in the self, abandoning even concern for your own welfare.
Be at peace within, with a steady mind.
Let there be no sorrow in your mind.
Rest in the inner silence.
Remain alone, without selfwilled thoughts.
Be brave, having conquered the mind and the senses.
Be desireless, content with what comes to you unsought.
Live effortlessly, without grabbing or giving up anything.
Be free from all mental perversions and from the blinding taint of illusion.
Rest content in your own self.
Thus, be free from all distress.
Remain in an expansive state in the self, like the full ocean.
Rejoice in the self by the self, like the blissful rays of the full moon.
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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