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V 5    he jana aparijnata atma vo duhkhasiddhaye parijnatastv anantaya sukhayopasamaya ca (23)
Vasistha said:
O Rama, kindly listen to this discourse on the dissolution of the universe and the attainment of supreme peace.
This seemingly unending world-appearance is sustained by impure (rajasa) and dull (tamasa) beings, even as a superstructure is sustained by pillars.
But, it is playfully and easily abandoned by those who are of a pure nature, even as the slough is effortlessly abandoned by a snake.
They who are of a pure (satva) nature, and they whose activities (rajas) are based on purity and light (satva), do not live their life mechanically, but enquire into the origin and the nature of this world-appearance.
When such enquiry is conducted with the help of the right study of scriptures, and the company of holy ones, there arises a clear understanding within oneself, in which the truth is seen, as in the light of a lamp.
Not until this truth is perceived, by oneself, for oneself, through such enquiry, is the truth seen truly.
O Rama, you are indeed of a pure nature.
Therefore, enquire into the nature of the truth and the falsehood, and be devoted to the truth.
That which was not in the beginning, and which will cease to be after a time, how can that be regarded as truth?
That alone can be regarded as the truth which has always been and which will always be.
Birth is of the mind, O Rama; and growth is mental, too.
And, when the truth is clearly seen, it is mind that is liberated from its own ignorance.
Hence, let the mind be led along the path of righteousness, by the prior study of the scriptures, company of the holy ones, and the cultivation of dispassion.
Equipped with these, one should resort to the feet of a master (guru) whose wisdom is perfected.
By faithfully adhering to the teachings of the master, one gradually attains to the plane of total purity.
Rama, behold the self by the self through pure enquiry, even as the cool moon perceives the entire space.
One is tossed around over the waters of this illusory world-appearance like a piece of straw, only as long us one does not get into the secure boat of self-enquiry.
Even as particles of sand floating in water settle down when the water is absolutely steady, the mind of the man who has gained the knowledge of the truth settles down in total peace.
Once this knowledge of the truth is gained, it is not lost.
Even if a piece of gold has lain in a heap of ashes, the goldsmith finds no problem in seeing it.
When the truth has not been known, there may be confusion.
But once it is known, there can be no confusion.
Ignorance of the self is the cause of your sorrow; knowledge of the self leads to delight and tranquility.
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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