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IV 43    viharanti jagat kecin nipatanty utpatanti ca kanduka iva hastena mrtyuna viratam hatah (25)
Vasistha continued:
This incidental manifestation of the power of the infinite consciousness appears as the millions of species of beings in this universe.
These countless beings are caught up in their own mental conditioning.
They are found in every country and in every place in the universe, and they are in every conceivable kind of situation.
Some of them are part of the new creation in this epoch, others are more ancient.
Some have incarnated just a couple of times, others have had countless incarnations.
Some are liberated.
Others are sunk in dreadful suffering.
Some are celestials, some are demi-gods, and others are the deities presiding over this manifest universe.
Some others are demons, others are goblins.
Some are members of the four castes of human beings, and others are members of primitive uncivilised tribes.
Some of them are in the form of herbs and grass; others appear as roots, fruits and leaves.
Some are in the form of creepers, and some are living as flowers.
Some are the kings and their ministers, clad in royal robes; others are clad in rags and bark of trees, either because they are anchorites or they are beggars.
Some are snakes and others are insects; others are animals like lions, tigers, etc.
Some are birds, others are elephants and donkeys.
Some are prosperous; others are in adverse circumstances.
Some are in heaven, others are in hell.
Some are in the region of the stars, others are in holes of dying trees.
Some live amongst liberated sages; others are already liberated sages who have risen above body-consciousness.
Some are endowed with enlightened intelligence; some are extremely dull.
O Rama, just as in this universe there are countless beings of various species, in other universes, too, there are similar beings, with different bodies suited to those universes.
But, all of them are bound by their own mental conditioning.
These beings roam this universe sometimes uplifted, sometimes degraded and death plays with them as with a ball.
Bound to their own countless desires and attachments and limited by their own mental conditioning, they migrate from one body to another.
They will continue to do so, till they perceive the truth concerning their own self which is infinite consciousness.
After attaining this self-knowledge, they are liberated from delusion and they do not return to this plane of birth and death any more.
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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