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V 3 4    yad yad raghava samyati mahajana saparyaya dinam tad iha salokam sesastv andha dinalayah (4/12)
Valmiki continued:
When the day dawned, Rama and the others got up, and performed their morning religious functions, and went over to the residence of the sage Vasistha.
The sage himself had by then concluded his own dawn prayers, and was in deep meditation.
When he rose, he and the others ascended a chariot, and drove to the palace of king Dasaratha.
As they entered the royal court, the king walked three paces to receive them with due honour.
Soon after this, all the other members of the assembly (the gods, the demi-gods, the sages, and others) entered the assembly, and took up their respective places.
Opening the day's proceedings, Dasaratha said:
O blessed Lord, I hope you have thoroughly recovered from the strain of yesterday's discourse.
For our part, we feel highly elevated by the words of supreme wisdom that you uttered yesterday.
Surely, the words of enlightened sages dispel the sorrows of all beings and bestow bliss upon them.
They drive away the impurities caused in us by our own evil deeds.
The evil tendencies like craving, greed, etc., are weakened by your wisdom.
Our deluded belief in the reality of this world-appearance is also provided with a powerful challenge.
O Rama, only that day on which such sages are worshipped can be regarded as fruitful.
The other days are of darkness.
This is your best opportunity: enquire and learn from the sage that which is worth learning.
Vasistha said:
O Rama, have you deeply contemplated the teachings I have communicated to you?
Did you reflect over them during the night and have you inscribed them on the tablet of your heart?
Do you remember that I said to you that the mind is man?
Do you remember what I said about the creation of this universe in all its details?
For it is only by frequent remembrance of such teachings that they attain clarity.
Rama said:
Lord, I have indeed done just that.
Giving up sleep, I have spent the whole night meditating upon your enlightening words, endeavouring to see the truth that the words pointed to.
Thus have I enshrined that truth in my heart.
Who will not bear your teachings on his head, knowing that they confer the highest bliss on him?
At the same time, they are extremely sweet to hear, they promote every type of auspiciousness, and they bring us the incomparable experience.
Hence, O Lord, I pray: resume your most excellent discourse.
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