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IV 62    tava tulyamatiryah syat sujanah samadarsanah yogyo sau jnanadrstinam mayokttanam sudrstiman (9)
Vasistha continued:
O Rama, one who is wise, and who is capable of enquiring into the nature of truth, should approach a good and learned person, and study the scripture.
This teacher should be free from craving for pleasure, and he should also have had direct experience of the truth.
And, with his help, one should study the scripture.
And, by the practice of the great yoga, one can reach the supreme state.
O Rama, you are indeed a spiritual hero and an abode of good qualities.
You are free from sorrow.
You have reached the state of equanimity.
Give up all delusion through the highest form of intelligence.
When you are free from all concern about the objects of the world, you will be established in non-dual consciousness, and that is final liberation.
There is no doubt about this.
And, sages of self-knowledge will follow your noble example.
Rama, only a person who is intelligent like you, who is natured and equal-visioned like you, and who sees only what is good, is entitles to the vision of wisdom which I have described here.
O Rama, as long as you are embodied, live without being swayed by likes and dislikes, attraction and aversion, in conformity with the standards of the community in which you live, but without any desires and cravings.
Constantly seek to discover the supreme peace, as the holy ones do.
It is by emulating the example of the holy ones that one makes progress towards the supreme state.
Whatever be one's nature here in this life, that alone he obtains after leaving this life-span.
But he who exerts seriously now is able to overcome such predispositions, and exalt himself from the states of darkness and stupidity (tamas) and impurity (rajas).
It is by the exercise of one's wisdom that one can ascend from these other states to the state of purity and enlightenment (satva).
It is only by intense self-effort that one obtains a good embodiment.
There is nothing that intense self-effort cannot achieve.
By the practice of brahmacarya (continence or whole-souled devotion to Brahman), courage and endurance, and dispassion, and by intelligent practice based on common-sense, one obtains that which one seeks to obtain, self-knowledge.
Rama, you are already a liberated being: live like one!
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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