The Yoga Vasistha - part 1 - daily readings

The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of The Yoga Vasistha - daily readings

today is
July 14
kim karomi kva gacchami kim grhnami tyajami kim
atmana puritam visvam mahakalpambuna yatha (5)
duhkhamatma sukham caiva khamasasumahattaya
sarvamatmamayam jnatam nastakasto hamatmana (6)
sabahyabhyantare dehe adhascordhvam ca diksu ca
ita atma tatasca tma na styanatmamayam kvacit (7)
sarvatraiva sthito hyatma sarvamatmamayam sthitam
sarvamevedamatmaivam atmanyeva bhavamyaham (8)
yannama nama tatkincit sarvameva hamantarah
apuriitaparanabhah sarvatra sanmayah sthitah (9 )
purnastisthami modatma sukhamekarnavopamah
ityevam bhavayamstatra kanakacalakunjake (10)
uccarayannonkaram ca ghantasvanamiva kramat
omkarasya kalamatram pascatyam balakomalam
na ntarastho na bahyastho bhavayan parame hrdi (11)
Vasistha continued:
In this connection, O Rama, I remember an inspiring song, sung by the son of the preceptor of the gods, Kaca.
This Kaca was established in selfknowledge.
He lived in a cave on the mount Meru.
His mind was saturated with the highest wisdom, and hence it was not attracted by any of the objects of the world composed of the five elements.
Feigning despair, Kaca sang this meaningful song.
Pray listen to this.
Kaca said:
What shall I do?
Where shall I go?
What shall l try to hold?
What shall I renounce?
This entire universe is permeated by the one self.
Unhappiness or sorrow is the self.
Happiness is the self, too.
For all desires are but empty void.
Having known that all this is the self, I am freed from all travail.
In this body, within and without, above and below, everywhere - here and there - there is only the self and self alone, and there is no non-self.
The self alone is everywhere; everything exists as the self.
All this is truly the self.
I exist in the self as the self.
I exist as all this, as the reality in all everywhere.
I am the fullness.
I am the self-bliss.
I fill the entire universe like the cosmic ocean.
Thus he sang.
And, he intoned the holy word Om which resounded like a bell.
He had merged his entire being in that holy sound.
He was neither inside anything nor outside anything.
This sage remained in that place totally absorbed in the self.

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