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IV 57    yadi tvam atmana tmanam adhigacchasi tam svayam etat prasnottaram sadhu janasyatra na samsayah (15)
Rama asked:
Holy sage, how does this unreal world exist in the absolute Brahman: can snow exist in the sun?
Vasistha said:
Rama, this is not the right time for you to ask this question, for you will not be able to comprehend the answer now.
Love stories are uninteresting to a little boy.
Every tree bears its fruits in due season; and my instruction will also bear fruit in good time.
If you seek your self with the self by your own self effort, then you will clearly find the answer to your question.
I discussed the question of doership and non-doership in order that the nature of the mental conditioning or ideation may become evident.
Bondage is bondage to these thoughts and notions; freedom is freedom from them.
Give up all notions, even those of liberation.
First, by the cultivation of good relationships, like friendship, give up tendencies and notions which are gross and materialistic.
Later, give up even such notions as friendship, even though continuing to be friendly, etc.
Give up all desires, and contemplate the nature (or notion) of cosmic consciousness.
Even this is within the realm of ideation or thought.
Hence, give this up in due course.
Rest in what remains after all these have been given up.
And, renounce the renouncer of these notions.
When even the notion of the ego-sense has ceased, you will be like the infinite space.
He who has thus renounced everything from his heart, he indeed is the supreme Lord, whether he continues to live an active life, or whether he rests in contemplation all the time.
To him neither action nor inaction is of any use.
O Rama, I have examined all the scriptures and investigated the truth.
There is no salvation without the total renunciation of all notions or ideas or mental conditioning.
This world of diverse names and forms is composed of the desirable and the undesirable!
For these people strive, but for self-knowledge no one strives.
Rare are the sages of self-knowledge in the three worlds.
One may be an emperor of the world, or the king of heaven; but all these are only composed of the five elements!
It is a pity that people indulge in such colossal destruction of life for these petty gains.
Shame on them.
None of these engages the attention of the sage, because he is equipped with self-knowledge.
He is established in that supreme seat to which the sun and the moon have no access (the susumna?).
Hence, the sage of self-knowledge is not enamoured of the gains or the pleasures of the entire universe.
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