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IV 54    ma sankalpaya sankalpam bhavam bhavaya ma sthitau etavataiva bhavena bhavyo bhavati bhutaye (12)
The young man asked:
Father, please tell me how this sankalpa (notion, thought, idea, concept) arises, and how it grows and ceases.
Dasura replied:
My son, when, in the infinite consciousness, the consciousness becomes aware of itself as its own object, there is the seed of ideation.
This is very subtle.
But soon it becomes gross and fills the whole of space, as it were.
When consciousness is engrossed in this ideation, it thinks the object is distinct from the subject.
Then the ideation begins to germinate and to grow.
Ideation multiplies naturally by itself.
This leads to sorrow, not to happiness.
There is no cause for sorrow in this world other than this ideation!
This ideation or notion has really come into being by sheer coincidence (the crow alights on the palm tree, and the fruit falls to the ground, without any causal connection).
But this unreal nonsubstance is yet able to grow!
Your birth, therefore, is unreal.
Your existence, surely, is unreal too.
When you know this and realise this, the unreality ceases.
Do not entertain ideas.
Do not hold onto the notion of your existence.
For it is only by these that the future comes into being.
There is no cause for fear in the destruction of all ideation.
When there is no thought, notion or ideation ceases.
My son, it is easier to cease to entertain notions, than it is to crush a flower that lies on the palm of your hand.
The latter demands effort; the former is effortless.
When thus all notions cease, there is great peace, and sorrow is destroyed to its very root.
For everything in this universe is but an idea, a notion, a concept.
It has different names like the mind, the living soul or jiva, intelligence and conditioning - there are no real substances corresponding to these words.
Hence, remove all thought.
Do not waste your life and effort in other endeavours.
Already as the notions weaken, one is less affected by happiness and unhappiness, and knowledge of the unreality of the objects prevents attachment.
When there is no hope, there is neither elation nor depression.
The mind itself is the jiva when it is peflected in consciousness.
And, mind itself builds castles in the air, stretching itself, as it were, into the past, the present and the future.
It is not possible to comprehend, the ripples of ideation.
But this much can be said: sense-experiences multiply them, and when these are given up, they cease to be.
If these notions are real, like the blackness of coal, then you cannot remove them.
But that is not so.
Hence they can be destroyed.
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