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IV 19    devan devayajo yanti yaksa yaksan vrajanti hi brahma brahmayajo yanti yad atuccham tad asrayet (5)
Vasistha continued:
The very seed for all jivas, which is the absolute Brahman, exists everywhere; and within the jivas there are countless other jivas.
All this is because the entire universe is totally permeated with the infinite consciousness.
Upon their appearance as the jivas, whatever type of contemplation they adopt, they soon become of the same nature.
They who are devoted to the gods reach the gods; they who adore the demi-gods, attain the demigods.
They who contemplate the absolute Brahman, become Brahman.
Hence, one should resort to that which is not limited, conditioned or finite.
By contemplating the form of the nymph, Sukra was bound; and when he realised the purity of his self which is infinite consciousness, he was instantly liberated.
Rama asked:
Holy sir, pray tell me of the true nature of the waking and the dreaming states.
What constitutes the waking state, and how does dream, or delusion in the waking state, arise?
Vasistha said:
That state which endures is known as the waking state; and that which is transient is the dream state.
During the period of even the dream, it takes on the characteristic of the waking state; and when the waking state is realised to be of a fleeting nature, it gets the characteristic of dream.
Otherwise, the two are the same.
When the life-force in the body stirs, the various organs of thought, word and deed perform their functions.
They flow towards their objects of perception in accordance with the deluded notions that prevail in the mind.
This life-force perceives diverse forms within the self.
Since this perception seems to be of an enduring nature, it is known as the waking state.
But, when the life-force (jiva-cetana) is not thus diverted by the mind and body, it remains rooted in peace within the heart.
There is no movement of consciousness in the nerves of the body nor does the life-force activate the senses.
However, that consciousness which is awake even in deep sleep and which is also the light that shines in waking and dreaming, is the transcendental consciousness, turiya.
When again the seeds of ignorance and delusion expand, there arises the first thought - which is the thought 'I am'.
Then, one perceives thoughtforms within the mind in dreams.
At this time the external sense-organs do not function, but the inner senses function and there is perception within oneself.
This is the dream state.
When the life-force again activates the sense-organs, once again there is wakefulness.
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