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IV 18    citramrtam namrtameva viddhi citranalam nanalameva viddhi citrangana nunamananganeti vaca vivekastv aviveka eva (69)
Vasistha continued:
Each jiva experiences within itself whatever and however it has given rise to within itself with the help of its own life-force.
O Rama, behold with the eye of your inner wisdom the truth that in every atom of existence there are countless world-appearances.
In everyone's mind, in the very space, in every rock, in the flame of fire and in water there exist countless world-appearances; even as oil exists in sesame seed.
It is when the mind becomes absolutely pure that it becomes pure consciousness,and therefore one with the infinite consciousness.
This world-appearance is but a long dream which manifests everywhere, being the imagination of Brahma the creator and all others.
The objects thus born in the Creator's dream migrate from dream to dream, from embodiment to embodiment - thus generating the illusory solidity of this world-appearance.
This dream-like appearance is yet true during the period of the dream itself.
Within every atom is the potential experience of every kind, even as a seed contains within itself the different aspects of the tree (flowers, leaves, fruits, etc.)
Within every atom of existence, there is the infinite consciousness: hence, it is indivisible.
Therefore, give up all your notions of diversity or unity.
Time, space, action (or motion) and matter are all but different aspects of the one infinite consciousness: and consciousness experiences them within itself, whether it happens to be the body of the creator Brahma or that of a worm.
An atom of consciousness, when it attains to the fully grown state of a body, experiences its own faculties.
Someone perceives the objects spread out as if outside because the infinite consciousness is omnipresent.
Others behold everything within, evolving and devolving alternately.
Some go from one dream-experience to another, wandering in this world-appearance.
The rare few realise that the world-appearance seen within themselves is illusory, except as the one infinite consciousness which alone is ever true.
On account of this consciousness, the world appears in the jiva: and there are jivas within jivas, ad infinitum.
It is when one thus experiences the truth, that he is freed from illusion.
At the same time, one's craving for pleasure is thinned out.
This is the only proof of wisdom.
A painted pot of nectar is not nectar, nor a painted flame fire and a painting of a woman is not a woman: wise words are mere words (ignorance) not wisdom,
unless they are substantiated by the absence of desire and anger.
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[The Supreme Yoga - a new translation of the Yoga Vasistha ] [ Swami Venkatesananda ] ( 2nd ed. 1991 - 2 vol ) - published by The Divine Life Society - Himalayas, India

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