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IV 17    pratibhasavasad asti na sti vastv avalokanat dirghasvapno jagajjalamalanam cittadantinah (18)
Rama asked:
Holy sir, why does not the wish of others materialise as the wish of Sukra materialised in his ascent to heaven, etc.?
Vasistha replied:
Sukra's mind was pure, since that was his first embodiment; that mind was not loaded with the impurities of other previous embodiments.
That mind is pure in which all cravings are in a state of quiescence.
Whatever that pure mind wishes, that materialises.
What happened in this respect to Sukra is possible for everyone else.
The world exists in each jiva in a seed state and becomes manifest like the tree sprouting from the seed.
The world is thus falsely fancied by each individual.
The world neither arises nor sets; all this is nothing but the fancy of the deluded mind.
Within each one there is a fancy world.
Even as one's dreams are unknown to others, one's world is unknown to others.
There are goblins and demi-gods and demons, all of which are embodiments of delusion.
Even so have we come into being, O Rama, out of pure thought-force, and consider the false to be real.
Such indeed is the origin of creation in the infinite consciousness.
Materiality is not factual though it is perceived in emptiness.
Everyone thus fancies one's own world; when this truth is realised, the world thus fancied comes to an end.
This world exists only in appearance or imagination and not because one sees the material substances.
It is like a long dream or a juggler's trick.
It is the post to which the mind-elephant is tied.
The mind is the world, the world is the mind; when one is realised as not true, both of them vanish!
When the mind is purified it reflects the truth, and the unreal world-appearance vanishes.
The mind is purified by persistent contemplation of truth.
Rama asked:
How did the succession of births etc. arise in the mind of Sukra?
Vasistha replied:
Sukra had been taught by his father Bhrgu concerning the succession or births, and this teaching had conditioned Sukra's mind which conjured up the expansion of such conditioning.
Only when the mind is totally purified of all conditioning does it regain its utter purity; that pure mind experiences liberation.
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