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IV 16    matputro yam iti sneho bhrgum apy aharat tada paramatmiyata dehe yavad akrtibhavina (18)
Vasistha continued:
Hearing the young ascetic Vasudeva mourning the fate of his previous body, Time (or Death) intervened and said to Sukra:
Time (or Death) said:
O son of Bhrgu! Abandon this body of yours and re-enter your other body, even as a king re-enters his kingdom.
With that other body of Sukra, once again engage yourself in penance and then become the spiritual preceptor of the demons.
At the end of the epoch, you will give up that body, never to become embodied again.
Having said this, Time vanished at that very place.
Thereupon, Sukra abandoned the body of Vasudeva in which he had performed intense penance on the bank of the river Samanga and re-entered the decayed body of Sukra, the son of the sage Bhrgu.
At that very moment, the body of Vasudeva fell down like an uprooted tree and became a corpse.
The sage Bhrgu sprinkled the body of Sukra with the holy water from his own water-pot, uttering sacred hymns which had the power to revive that body, clothing it with flesh, etc.
Instantly, that body became youthful and radiant as it was before.
Sukra got up from the meditative posture and seeing his father, the sage Bhrgu, standing in front of him, fell prostrate at his feet.
Bhrgu was delighted to see his son thus resurrected from the dead and fondly embraced him, smiling happily all the while.
The feeling of affection at the thought "This is my son" overcame even the sage Bhrgu; this is natural as long as there is body-consciousness.
Both of them rejoiced at this happy re-union.
Both Bhrgu and Sukra then perfomed the funeral rites of the body of the brahmana boy Vasudeva; for thus do the men of wisdom honour social customs and traditions.
Both of them then shone with the radiance of the sun and the moon.
They who were surely the spiritual preceptors of the whole universe roamed the world.
Established firmly in the knowledge of the self, they remained unmoved by the changes that took place in the time and in the environment.
In course of time, Sukra became the spiritual preceptor of the demons; and his father Bhrgu became one of the sages of highest wisdom.
Such is the story of the sage Sukra; who on account of his infatuation with a nymph, wandered in countless wombs.
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